Happy Birthday Jonas!

Hey “J”, “Jo”, “Barrett Baby”, “Jonas Bonus” and all the many names your brothers, Dad, and I have given you. We are all in love and delight over you. My precious boy you have brought so much joy (and chaos) into our lives! Happy Birthday my little one.

June 12, 2014: 

Our first picture together! So relieved you were finally here. You arrived so quickly and hands first ready to reach out and grab hold of the world. This is still your personality.IMG_1393

Dad was happy to have another son. IMG_1409All the nurses commented on your looks and hair. 

Your brothers wanted to wrestle and get in your face. They were SO EXCITED!IMG_1596



You were alert from the beginning. Smiling at only 2 weeks! (And I know it wasn’t gas.)


You went on your first trip to Illinois.


And charmed everyone.IMG_2076


Have I mentioned your smile? IMG_2274

You also lost all your hair at this point.IMG_20140912_143435879

People often confuse you for a girl because you are just so pretty. They still say ‘she.’


We dressed you as Smee for a Halloween. You were a great sport.IMG_2744


I tried to make intentional time to walk with you, but it was so hard with your two brothers.IMG_20141108_193619

Do you remember the RSV? No? Don’t worry, neither do I.IMG_20141101_192719

And the ear infections?IMG_20141112_072145710

You, once again, remained happy and such a delight.IMG_3034


I dressed you in a bonnet for Christmas.IMG_3799

Merry Christmas!IMG_4055

You had the flu and we had to take you to the E.R.IMG_20141227_232404727


A new year with no illness and that cute bonnet.IMG_4234


I was really trying to push food on you because you are so tiny.IMG_20150120_170246884


And then the teething began.IMG_4721

Your brothers adore you.IMG_20150204_181318

And I think you are fond of them, too.IMG_4828

Along with pickles!IMG_4913


I tried anything to get you to eat. Here you are trying red peppers. A success! IMG_4986

You started getting around.IMG_5298

And you also noticed what others were doing.IMG_5432


You quickly caught on and soon you were right in the middle of the action.IMG_6006

This was also the point that you started crawling.IMG_6128

Have I mentioned that smile?IMG_20150405_214616


Under, over, on top of everything!

First bike ride with Dad.IMG_6997

We discovered your love for the water.IMG_20150509_141610850_HDR
I adore this picture of you – alert, happy, and ready for mischief.IMG_7828

Your personality beginning to shine.

Clapping is one of your favorites!IMG_20150514_123820604June

IMG_8513Keeping on moving! Keep on growing! Keep on laughing! We are all rooting for you!



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