daily moments – week 23

Here’s our week . . .

I love the way raspberries collect a drop of water.IMG_8557


This was our first year to attempt eatting squash blossoms.IMG_8566

Lovely ladies, washed and ready for their fillings.IMG_8568

Fried. Delicious.IMG_8571

Little chef.IMG_8578

And now a photo shoot.IMG_8582







Karate chop.IMG_20150603_131130650

We are still working despite it being summer. Kindergarden and preschool are just around the corner.

Puppet show put on by a “mean construction man” and a Darth Vader Astronaut.IMG_20150604_090445945


Hiking with Dad.IMG_20150606_115252064

Its become an addiction. IMG_20150606_201240334

A morning date with two boys. Silas asked me several times that morning if we were on a date.IMG_20150607_195531

Butter! Lots of butter.IMG_20150607_195614

Whole Foods was at the end of the rainbow.IMG_20150607_195719

I trimmed my mint. IMG_20150607_142722870

A sweet treat to end my Sunday.IMG_20150607_194816115_HDR


See you next week!

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