daily moments – week 22

So it been a busy few weeks. I had intended to get this post out last night but once again I had computer troubles. So here are the last two weeks (a total of 49 pictures!).

Here’s our week. . .

He is into everything and wants to be under, on top of, or over most furniture. He’s chasing a ball here.

Almost there . . .IMG_8014

Got it!IMG_8017

We were on vacation to Illinois this week. Our first stop was Springfield.

This was a silent moment during our stay at my in-laws. It was just Grandma, Jonas, and I and the light was perfect.IMG_8019

And this guy was eating so the moment felt perfect.

These are Mark’s cousins who I have gotten to know well. I consider them blood relatives. I really like this picture.IMG_8079

Of course, everyone want to hold this guy.IMG_8134

The birthday boy. Grandpa turned 90 the day before Memorial Day.IMG_8197

It looks like he is crowd-surfing. Everyone was trying to get him to clap and everyone wanted him.IMG_8204

The next stop was Southern Illinois to visit my family. We had a picnic.IMG_8291

And it wouldn’t be Memorial Day without some patriotic gear.IMG_8295




This is not Jonas, by the way. Its his cousin Ada Grace who happens to share my birthday.IMG_8317

Brooks got to drink soda from a can. It was apparently a really big deal for him because he told me he feels like an adult now.IMG_8322

Silas told me, “I love soda in a can Mom.” IMG_8327



Coffee on the porch in the morning. This was taken about 7am and everyone was awake. IMG_8387

Good morning Grandpa.

Waiting for breakfast.IMG_8399


Grandma had amazing breakfasts for the two mornings we were there. They were usually ready by 7:00! I wish I was an early bird.  IMG_8415

My boys got so much love from everyone.IMG_8428

And they did a lot of fishing.IMG_8445


They also did a fair amount of riding on the ranger.IMG_8466

Everyone needs boots in the country.IMG_8469


We love this place.IMG_8495



The next stop was my parents’. One night we grilled on top of the fire pit.IMG_8529

They turned out way better than expected.IMG_8545

I forgot to take out my camera for the rest of the trip. So the only pictures remaining are from my phone.

Dinner on Monday night after our trip. I needed something easy.IMG_8552

Bread with apricot jam, goat cheese, rosemary, and salt is amazing!IMG_8556

A rainy day on the porch.IMG_20150518_134641289

Trying to capture more pictures of me with my kids. Silas gets photo credit and my hair looks gray.IMG_20150518_134705330

We have so much lettuce!IMG_20150518_153942203

One day was so crazy that I didn’t drink any caffeine until 4pm.IMG_20150518_162229360

Silas was Picasso for an afternoon.IMG_20150518_163800364

Working on a project while waiting.IMG_20150520_145550

Blueberry Pancakes! Gwyneth knows her pancakes.IMG_20150520_080501923_HDR

He climbed in on his own. He LOVES the water.

Refridgerator dump for dinner. LOTS! of dill.IMG_20150521_171418033_HDR

Transportation Museum St.Louis.IMG_20150528_114857478

Returning from vacation meant unpacking, laundry, and cranky kids.

We fit all three in the Buick for 10 days. I think Mark was proud.IMG_20150601_201814


See you next week!

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