daily moments – week 20

Here’s our week . . .

I have been practicing with the camera a lot this week. Naturally, my family makes the best subjects.IMG_7677



Its so hard to take pictures of these three.IMG_7703




We did an early birthday for Silas at school. He had dinosaur brownies.IMG_7766

They like to play pirates by tying each other up. This makes me nervous so I try to be present and teach them about ropes.IMG_7769

I took several great ones of this bug. His hair is getting long!IMG_7772

Shishito peppers! IMG_7791

Happy Last Day Silas!IMG_7796

He is really getting around.IMG_7801

The boys really don’t like smiling at the camera.IMG_7811

Unless its a fake smile.IMG_7812

This one prefers to not look at all.IMG_7815

Hey beautiful! I still get asked if he is a boy or a girl.IMG_7824




“Its a lion Mom!”



Brooks graduated this week.IMG_7880

He said he wants to be an astroanut. IMG_7991

I made a cherry cake this week and the boys “helped”.IMG_7997

Cherry Pistachio coffee cake.IMG_8005

Beets from the garden.IMG_8010

Fun cloud watching.IMG_20150511_154235881

They got me.IMG_20150512_161051472

He is clapping now and it distracts him from eating.IMG_20150514_123820604

Last Day of school! IMG_20150514_135510539

Who says you can’t ride a bike with a skirt?IMG_20150515_161731513

Brothers matching.IMG_20150516_205223

Indian Nite! Its a becoming a habit.IMG_20150516_205258

They wanted to pick their noses for this shot.IMG_20150516_205335

He was trying to be scary.IMG_20150516_205510


I bought a carrier a few weeks ago and I use it all the time. Its Jonas’ second home.IMG_20150516_205658

Cleaning your room can be exhausting.IMG_20150516_205752

The boys got to spend a morning at the river.IMG_20150517_124700


See you next week!

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