daily moments – week 19

Here’s our week.

I always show pictures of my lunch, so here’s a picture of Jonas’ lunch. In case you are curious, quinoa, lentils, and avocados.IMG_6986

First bike ride!IMG_6997

My husband is a brave man. IMG_7001

I have been working with lighting. IMG_7650

I made the boys be my subjects. They were not excited.IMG_7652

This was my shirt when I was his age. IMG_20150505_092824896_HDR

Playing the violin.IMG_20150507_083103164

I registered Brooks for kindergarden this week. It was bittersweet.IMG_20150507_084806094_HDR

Mark took the boys to the park so I could have a break.IMG_20150508_093658408

I often don’t have pictures of myself with the kids. I don’t like the camera pointed at me, but I am trying to change that.IMG_20150509_182719

Is he almost one?

Laundry and sorting baby stuff.IMG_20150509_095926088

Slime and crafting.IMG_20150509_102625761

He loves the water – not a big surprise.

This just makes me laugh.IMG_20150509_150048032

I spent the morning of Mother’s Day editing photos.IMG_20150510_130318

Burgers and beer with my sister the evening before.IMG_20150510_130421

It is so hot here! Lets go back to Feburary.

Silas has the pout perfected. This is at 11:30pm.IMG_20150510_130707

Mother’s Day breakfast.IMG_20150510_080309012


Happy Mother’s Day! See you next week!

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