daily moments – week 18

Another week with only phone photos. I need to get a new card for my camera – didn’t have time this week.

One day he liked spaghetti! IMG_20150428_140614 (1)

Ate a lot of salad this week – the garden won’t stop.

On this day he hated the spaghetti, but loved the pickles.IMG_20150429_114926986_HDR

I love this hat.IMG_20150430_215704

He writes his name backwards.IMG_20150430_143702305

Pickles again. This time pickle eating was at 10pm. Teething?IMG_20150430_215403684

Brooks wanders into our room every night at 11:30 stares at the wall, smiles, and then goes back to bed.IMG_20150430_230123044

We got those dissolveable sponge things this week. They were mesmerized.IMG_20150501_125722581

Bread! Bread! Bread! I made two loaves – one was for a neighbor.IMG_20150501_143143903

Reading in the afternoon. Thanks Jen!IMG_20150501_162426695

Silas was so excited about these hand-me-down pjs.IMG_20150501_191932494

My favorite shortbread bars. IMG_20150501_211412630

We finally bought patio furniture! And its yellow!IMG_20150502_202345

Popcorn in the afternoon!IMG_20150503_123249

This kid could swing for hours.IMG_20150503_123444

ROAR! He was having a really good time.IMG_20150503_123513

Bean salad, avocado, pickled onions, and perserved lemons.IMG_20150503_120815208


See you next week!

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