daily moments – week 17

I am working on some technical issues with my camera and computer so I only have pictures from my phone for this week.

Right before the storm. We were under a tornado warning and I was home by myself with the boys.IMG_20150420_150852016

This was later in the night (10:45pm!). He wouldn’t fall asleep.IMG_20150420_222703079

The next day. Perfect blue.IMG_20150421_162813903

Anything that arrives in a gold package has to be wonderful.IMG_20150424_141609891

Swimming! Mark let the boys take a dip this week.IMG_20150424_153823359_HDR

After a festival at school. Jonas really wanted to grab his face.IMG_20150425_144534712_HDR

Birthday party.IMG_20150426_151232

I have been trying a new method of drying my hair to keep my hair curly and not frizzy. Its called plopping. I just call it drying my hair with my husband’s shirt. It sounds better.IMG_20150426_151318


See you next week!

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