daily moments – week 16

Here’s our week . . .

We went to the library this week. They go straight to the iPads.IMG_20150419_154456

I made chorizo and egg burritos for breakfast one morning. Doing it again soon.IMG_6408

These two may not realize it but they are truly best friends.IMG_6419

Salad is the perfect lunch.IMG_6440

Lunch.IMG_6444 (2)

Brooks took this. Not bad.IMG_6557

Jonas at the library.

This is how I get him to take medicine – through the nipple of a bottle.IMG_20150417_082731234

The boys got another Little Passports in the mail – they love this.IMG_20150417_150452112_HDR

We went bowling with friends this week and Mark has a mohawk.IMG_20150419_143018 (1)

Donuts. Jonas was more excited about smooshing than eating.IMG_20150419_153859

This week at our art co-op there was razor wire around a construction zone. I thought it looked eerie.


See you next week!

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