daily moments – week 15

Here’s our week . . .

He looks so old. I guess its because he is 10 months today.
IMG_6141 (2)

Perfectly cooked eggs – still a bit warm and custardy inside.IMG_6171

Lots of good stuff.IMG_6174

Silas had 3 bowls.IMG_6177

We have asparagus growing in our backyard.IMG_6179

They are starting to play together.IMG_6186

Layers of potatoes, oil, and eggs.IMG_6195

I love orange.IMG_6197

We went crazy on this day. Glad spring break is over.IMG_6201


A space station.IMG_6212

Drawing fruit.



His drawing said, “Mom, I love you. Silas.”IMG_6292


This picture perfectly shows his personality.IMG_6304


Silas went to D.C. this week.IMG_6324

Bye Silas!IMG_6325

Melon tastes amazing with mint and large flakes of salt.IMG_6353

Avocado toast with pepper and salt.IMG_6354

We made a pirate ship with a box from a neighbor.IMG_6356

“Mom, I’m going to shoot you.”

I bought him his first set of small Legos. I’m not excited about this stage.IMG_6368

Because this little guy puts everything in his mouth.IMG_6374


Perfect way to eat a cupcake.IMG_6387

Mama bear, brother bear, and baby bear oatmeal.IMG_6389

Toast with goat cheese and cherry jam.IMG_6392


Movie, popcorn, pjs, and pirate ship. His world is perfect.IMG_6401

This stuff is natural, it is not chemical. I hate pollen.IMG_20150406_195518514

Silas’ first stop in D.C. IMG_20150410_123823070


He is brave. I hate birds.IMG_20150411_101129591

Brooks really wanted a Barack Obama shirt. This is the best Mark could do.

He really liked the National Portrait Gallery.IMG_20150412_142523

His first protest.IMG_20150412_142638

This is what he look forward to the most, but he had to be woken from his nap so he was a bit teary-eyed in this picture.IMG_20150412_142733See you next week!


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