daily moments – week 14

Another busy one. . .

Here’s our week . . .

One afternoon, I let the boys play with Jonas outside, all by themselves. Everyone loved it.IMG_5942

I made rabbits for Silas’ class. He asked if they were turtles.IMG_5955

At Silas’ Easter party.IMG_5957

Hey curly. IMG_5975

And then there were three.IMG_5984

Potatoes cooked in bacon fat. So good.IMG_5992

I had a rough day and neighbor made it so much better.IMG_5995

Three little boys in a fort – boys only.IMG_6023

Easter goodies.IMG_6043

Easter morning.IMG_6077

They only managed one good picture.IMG_6107

The best part of the day.IMG_6110





A typical afternoon.IMG_20150330_141125318

Drawing vegetables and eating strawberries.IMG_20150330_142411344_HDR

Boys in overalls.IMG_20150331_084337

Head first.IMG_20150331_082937547

I can’t resist these.IMG_20150401_122336669

Learning about drawing in perspective. I really like this picture.IMG_20150401_153841088

We watched a tree service chop down some trees for an afternoon. Guess what they are doing?IMG_20150401_155057582

And this is where all the pacis went – under the crib. IMG_20150401_184805665

Taking three kids to the Dr. is not a picnic.IMG_20150402_163044937_HDR

First ride.


We’ve started biking. It wasn’t bad.IMG_20150404_215842

A new book.IMG_20150404_220032

Silas and Brooks got to be on a real work site. They LOVED it. IMG_20150404_143155473


This kid has the best smile.IMG_20150405_214616

Yep Silas, you look great.


See you next week!

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