daily moments – week 13

Hi All! We’ve had another busy week (I am posting this at 11:30pm to keep with my goal of Sunday posting).

Here’s our week . . .

A moment of quiet before bed at Mimi’s.

This was for me from Brooks.IMG_5403

And this was from me to me.IMG_5410

A messy kitchen on a busy morning. Arrgh.IMG_5412

This kid puts up a fight when it comes to eating. This is new to me.

Those eyes.IMG_5429

He wants to be so big.

Vegan Eggplant Lasagna. I know doesn’t sound good, but it was delish.IMG_5435

Cinnamon rolls make for an easy and comforting Saturday morning.

He said yes! to cinnamon rolls.IMG_5447

Baby curls.IMG_20150323_135023532


Sometimes the couch is so far.IMG_20150325_141840387_HDR

Meat on a spit. He saw this on a movie. IMG_20150327_100407361


Special Silas date.IMG_20150328_153336

Easter Egg Hunt.IMG_20150328_140832817


See you next week!

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