daily moments – week 11

This week was quick. We had to jump back into reality after a great long weekend with friends. I am exhausted.


Here’s our week. . . .

Silas is Star Student this week. We made a poster to celebrate his uniqueness.IMG_5138

While we were working, Brooks stole the camera.IMG_5144


Silas will stay entertained for long periods with a pair of scissors. IMG_5185

Brooks wrote a love note to Mark.IMG_5186

Two favorite condiments – pickled onions and jalapenos.IMG_5195

His favorites.IMG_5197


Quick batch of brownies. I love this recipe because it only makes 7.IMG_5210

Someone can get into the dishwasher.IMG_5217

I see you.IMG_5219

Learning about rhyming and letters.IMG_5240




First spaghetti. He really liked it.IMG_5259

Brooks – you have no clue how much your little brother looks up to you.IMG_5265

This is happening.IMG_5267

The boys made space ships out of produce boxes. And little feet in the corner.IMG_5270

Beginings of apple/pear sauce.IMG_5277

We love our pancakes.IMG_5281

Pumpkin was on the menu.IMG_5289

Jonas is now completely pulling up.IMG_5297

We had perfect weather on Sunday. IMG_5300

The boys did a relay race.IMG_5303

Crazy guys on Wacky Wednesday.

My co-op selection.IMG_20150314_095839087

Two ships on a mission. Check out their Lego controls.IMG_20150315_152455




See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 11

  1. “The imaginations in that house are just amazing. I knew that little guy, Jonas was about ready to pull up. Go Jonas!! Grammy

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