Daily Moments – Week 10

This week Mark and I were out of town and I decided to give the camera a rest so I only have a few pictures.

Here’s our week . . .

Jonas is getting another tooth on the bottom.IMG_5102

He is still filled giggles, slime, and grins with curls.IMG_5111

The boys like doing school work and I like the extra time to start dinner.IMG_5118

And this is what Jonas does while the boys are doing school work.IMG_5119

Jonas got his first swing ride in the backyard.IMG_5126

Silas showed him what to do. Silas LOVES the swings. He has fallen asleep swinging several times.IMG_5134


We ate fantastic food in Charleston.IMG_20150306_181710033

Those are huge free roaming peacocks.

The company in Charleston wasn’t bad either. My face hurt from laughing so much.IMG_20150308_163144

We fit 8 people in a car for the weekend. It was worth the stares.IMG_20150308_163621


See you next week!

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