Daily Moments – Week 9

Here’s our week . . .

As I mentioned last week, the boys now make their beds. Brooks usually sets his stuffed friends in a creative way.

Even Silas can smooth his sheets.

Abraham Lincoln was giving a speech to Monkey and Froggy.IMG_4967



Peppers and curls.IMG_4986

We’ve had runny noses and fevers this week. I like the winter, but ready to be done with colds.IMG_4998

Silas did his first drawing of our family.

I like this picture.IMG_5009

Mushroom and Barley soup.

Wearing pjs in the snow.

Brooks made robots this week (and he also thought he was matching).IMG_5037

The boys won’t leave poor Jonas alone.IMG_5051

He tolerates it and sometimes likes it.IMG_5065

But on this day he was done.IMG_5069

I made a childhood favorite -hobo packets.IMG_5078

Jonas can now make a mess in seconds.IMG_5081

This tshirt was given to Brooks by a friend who is a fireman. This is one of his top three favorite pjs.IMG_5088


Silas told me he knows how to do tricks.

Silas does this daily with Jonas’ swing. He laughs and then is upset because he gets stuck.

Jonas had Chickfila for the first time this week. He really liked it.IMG_20150226_122547330

Getting donuts in our pjs.

I cleaned the boys’ room and then hid behind the bed for a few minutes for some quiet.IMG_20150228_130309030

I taught Silas how to change a diaper.IMG_20150228_132021977See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 9

  1. I love the Brooks and Silas hug picture – so sweet!
    Jonas and I should dine together- I love Chick-fila too.
    Thanks for sharing.

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