Daily Moments – Week 8

Hello Everyone! I thought this week’s post would be about 10 pictures because Mark has been out of town and I didn’t have a lot of time to be inspired (aka time) to pick up my camera or phone. I was wrong. There are a whooping 41 images for you to enjoy this week.

Here’s our week . . .

Still a gummy grin except for a tiny tooth in front.IMG_4828

We got to see a little snow. Nothing stuck, but the boys thought it was the most awesome thing in the world. It was about 20 degrees in this picture. They played outside for a good 30 minutes. They told me they were in the Polar Express.IMG_4829



They tried to eat it. IMG_4851

While they romped outside, I stayed warm inside with this little nugget.IMG_4860

Brooks is drawing No Noggin again from Curious George.IMG_4869

We fancied up our Hot Cocoa game – whipped coconut cream, marshmallows, cinnamon, and truffle sprinkles (some of my truffles crumbled when I made them last week).IMG_4874

Thank you Trader Joe’s for making this product. Its pure cream with no coconut water. Whips up just like heavy cream.IMG_4881

Morning light.IMG_4890

He is sick again (pink antibiotic stains on his chest). Its minor but it feels major.IMG_4893

Jonas LOVES pickles!IMG_4909

I think he likes the zing and he can hold it and chew.IMG_4913

Smoked Salmon bowls with roasted green beans (maple syrup, sesame oil, and soy sauce) for 3 special litle men. IMG_4927

Our leftover buttermilk went towards these Buttermilk Love Cakes (that’s seriously the name of the recipe).IMG_4931

He likes the giraffes on his toes.IMG_4932

Is he 12 already? IMG_4933

I took some pictures for his preschool. I guess he gets a graduation in May.IMG_4936


I told him to have a regular smile.IMG_4939

“But Mom . . .”

“I do have a regular smile.”IMG_4944

He always keeps one eye on me when he drinks.IMG_4947

Silas wanted to be in the picture next to the bread.IMG_4949

Sometimes lunch looks this and I think I am going to do this more often. IMG_4953

Another Saturday night Indian feast. I think we found our favorite place. IMG_4961


Another snow picture.IMG_20150218_133804

Can you see his tooth?IMG_20150218_105644609

Remember how I told you Mark was out of town? He was suffering in somewhere Southern California.IMG_20150218_145133734

Trading President cards.IMG_20150218_162449389

They did this by themselves. Chores are paying off.IMG_20150219_111313779_HDR

One of many ships built this week. Can you see the driver?IMG_20150219_140123716

They spent some time (like a half hour) poking holes in a box with airplanes.IMG_20150220_120648

Hey buddy! He helped me do chores.IMG_20150220_133626

We are on the verge of getting a haircut. Those pisky little pieces around the ears and on the nape of his neck.

I might of wore these super warm socks for 3 days straight (and maybe I didn’t shower for that amount of time as well.)IMG_20150220_140629911


Silas is writting his name! I had no clue he could even write an “S.”IMG_20150221_132654619

Lockers. Mark took this so I have no clue what is happening in this picture.IMG_20150221_151722368

These guys love riding their bikes.

This is the closest to winter that we will probably get this year. I soaked up every minute.IMG_20150222_091726


See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 8

  1. Brooks, you make me smile. Silas, you do too. I love you, Aurora
    A & E enjoyed looking at your pics this week! I wonder who Jonas gets his love of pickles from? =)

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