Daily Moments – Week 7

We are anxiously awaiting a WINTER STORM! (Maybe snow could fall!) These are the moments when I realize I’m not a Southerner. Most of my neighbors probably want to smack me when I say, “I hope it snows!”

Here’s our week . . . .

Breakfast of champions – avocados and smoked salmon.IMG_4810

If you are more of a sweet tooth, this may get you excited. These were for Valentine’s Day.

Preparing Valentine’s Day cards late into the night. Thanks Babe.IMG_20150209_224946588

Silas took these to school.IMG_20150210_075612237

Lunches – Silas likes your classic PB&J and Brooks is a fan of salami.IMG_20150210_084645577

Teacher appreciation card.IMG_20150210_160130231

Brooks’ Valentine’s. He was so excited.IMG_20150210_204534663

Jonas has apricots in his near future.IMG_20150211_112412570

He is 8 months.IMG_20150212_124302023

Valentine’s Day party aftermath.IMG_20150212_133345233

A rocket with a special vacuum that sucks up moon dust and then puts it in museums so everyone can see.IMG_20150213_084754531_HDR

New Indian restaurant was our Valentine’s Day Date (and a trip to the grocery store).

Valentine’s Day card to Mom.IMG_20150214_225834110

Hey cutie. You wake up so happy.IMG_20150215_140626

Pop Rocks at a concert.IMG_20150215_140837

We went to the city one evening.IMG_20150215_140936

Rocket going into space (along with a little brother that desperately wanted attention).IMG_20150215_141124

Chickpeas and tomatoes for lunch.IMG_20150215_141355

Teacher Appreication Day gifts.IMG_20150215_141534


See you next week!

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