Daily Moments – Week 6

Here’s our week . . .

I figured out how to make truffles. They are fantastic and they’re vegan. I am going to make them again this week for Valentine’s Day.IMG_4682

This picture makes me so happy.IMG_4690

Hey there. He is so drooly I’ve started to tie a burp rag around his neck.IMG_4693

And this is the stage we are at.

First day he put his shoes on the right feet. Unfortunately, the shirt is on backwards.IMG_4732

Chicken pot pie has become my signature.IMG_4734

Butternut squash and green chile enchiladas!

So good!IMG_4744

Black bean and sweet potato burgers. I am making these again and doubling the recipe to put in the freezer.IMG_4754

My Friday night meal at 9pm – leftover black bean sweet potato burgers, hummus, homemade pita chips, and margarita. IMG_4762

Veggie stock.

Challah french toast. It was a big food week. Lots of winners.IMG_4769

More stock.IMG_4805

I apparently like baby blue.IMG_20150201_091009159

This guy loves looking good.IMG_20150201_091843453


Sorting through the kids art work. Every year, I resort and compile.IMG_20150202_101713889

It took him an hour to finally get to this state.IMG_20150202_153355531

Brothers in a tub.IMG_20150204_181318

Baby legs – constantly moving.IMG_20150204_084139527

I finally cleared my walls of Christmas cards.IMG_20150204_143202173_HDR

After putting the boys to bed, I sat at the top of the stairs because I was exhausted. Thirty minutes later, I realized I had zoned out for half an hour.IMG_20150204_193158230

Cars! These two played for a good 20 minutes (enough time for a good work out) by themselves in their room.IMG_20150205_143401364

A letter from Silas. Glad he spelled my name right.IMG_20150205_164123310 (1)

He’s moving, kinda.IMG_20150207_114944027

I love the back of my boy’s heads.IMG_20150208_090250681

A little of everything.IMG_20150208_132345440


See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 6

  1. Oh my goodness, I remember those days of being so tired you could hardly move. There are things to be done (now that everyone is off to bed), but who knows where to begin? 😉 Your boys are darling!

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