Daily Moments – Week 5

Here’s our week . . .

I hosted a dinner party this week.

Brooks is making a Star Wars ship.IMG_4580

What are you thinking about?IMG_4588

Silas made an alien this week at school.IMG_4592

The boys have rediscovered their interest in Harold and the Purple Crayon.IMG_4598

Brooks took this.IMG_4599

And this one.IMG_4607

A castle built on the shoulders of Rutherford B Hayes, Ulysses S Grant, and Abraham Lincoln. Security is on horseback.IMG_4634

Under the castle, a king on his throne.IMG_4636

“Dragons” protecting the castle with an escape rocket.IMG_4637

They LOVE hot chocolate.IMG_4642


Oat Bran muffins with cherries and cranberries.IMG_4651


Jonas liked them.

Morning light.IMG_4672


He loves bath time.IMG_20150126_182806

Someone is learning how to get around.IMG_20150128_082014747

“Why can’t I pull up my pants?” Hmmmm . . . Maybe take off your sweat pants?
IMG_20150128_085554318 (1)


My house stayed clean for 24 hours.IMG_20150129_151912

Chili tastes good with grits and pickled jalapenos.IMG_20150129_121116005

An astronaut and a jet pack.IMG_20150129_151737303

He is discovering books.

Silas drew his first picture that resemebled a human form.IMG_20150131_160221

Sometimes breakfast looks like this.IMG_20150131_160303


See you next week!

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