Daily Moments – Week 4

Here’s our week . . .

Sometimes I let the boys help me with my hair.IMG_20150125_155333606_HDR

Juice! It only made enough for each of us to have about a 1/4 cup.IMG_20150124_231205

He is such a delight.IMG_20150124_231100

He really hates jar food and prefers straight table food. I can’t blame him.IMG_20150124_230858

I made late-night margaritas one night.IMG_20150124_230730

On this morning they played together and didn’t fight.IMG_20150124_230612

We had wraps last night which made me realize how much I love a chewy tortilla.IMG_20150124_230255

Right after the library. They sat here for at least 30 minutes without making a sound.
IMG_20150123_140226762 (1)

New favorite toy.IMG_20150122_175334546

We did a lesson on pineapples one day. Brooks thought it looked like a crown.IMG_20150120_143830182

This past week the weather was amazing. I forgot it was January.


All alone in the pool.IMG_20150119_120702805

Beans! I have started to bring back a cheap staple.IMG_20150119_171115126

These guys are so hard to capture all together. In the tub, they have to stay in one place.IMG_4567

Serious lashes.IMG_4562







This has been growing in my kitchen this week.IMG_4519

Dinner for 5.

This soup was so easy and satisfying. I made the broth from veggie scraps. IMG_4514

Soup tastes so much better with homemade broth. Jonas definitely agrees. Its still his favorite food.
IMG_4511See you next week!


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