Daily Moments – Week 3

Here’s our week . . .

Tea time. The boys love drinking out of fancy cups.IMG_4343

I love this picture – shirtless boy drinking tea.IMG_4356

Did you know its much easier to cut a squash if you pop it in the oven for a few minutes?IMG_4361

Hot Cocoa, avocado, cookie letters, peanuts, raisins, marshmallows, and M&M all of his favorites. Did you notice the twisted strap? He is learning to put on his overalls.IMG_4363

I am cleaning out clutter in all my storage spaces.IMG_4374

She is such a firecracker. (Niece Lala)

Frozen can always draw a crowd.IMG_4403

On his way to mischeif with a blade of grass in his mouth and a water gun.


A new niece (E’lynn).IMG_4421


Another niece (Scarlette).IMG_4434

All of them. IMG_4451

A foggy morning.IMG_20150112_235932

Every Sunday night I gather with friends to eat, talk, and watch.IMG_20150113_000025

Pirate ships on their way to a collision.IMG_20150113_143834016

This soup was amazing and easy. Its not a great picture but it was dinner food so lighting wasn’t great.IMG_20150113_175439407

Happy 7 months!IMG_20150114_180516767

Ready for take off in their space tent.IMG_20150114_183524154

Getting dressed by himself.IMG_20150115_090840434



Morning reading.IMG_20150118_185257

I am doing something called the January Cure on Apartment Therapy. I have been cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and redecorating my house. This is currently my favorite corner of my house.IMG_20150118_185518

He can put shoes on, just not correctly.IMG_20150118_152601662See you next week!

One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 3

  1. Such sweet pictures of my grandbabies!! They are growing so quickly, which is sad that I don’t get to experience more time with them. These blogs are my joy, thank for such a gift. Grammy and Paw-pa

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