Daily Moments – Week 2

Here’s our week . . .

Beets! Beets! Beets!IMG_4274

His hair is coming back! I hope its curly again (based on this photo it won’t be).IMG_4288

New camera.IMG_4294

“Mom, I want your camera.”

Sneaky photographer.IMG_4307

Its war.IMG_4312

I tried to convince the boys beets are awesome by cutting them into shapes . . . didn’t work unless there was lots of dressing involved.IMG_4318

Donuts on a Friday.IMG_4319

Preping cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. IMG_4322

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart. These were super easy.IMG_4331

Silas prefers to eat the entire roll with a fork.IMG_4340

After a pastry filled weekend, kale salad.IMG_20150105_132211099_HDR

Reading time.IMG_20150105_133952038

More reading time. This time I was doing the reading.IMG_20150107_101107808

Silas had strep this week. Can you see the lump under his ear? That was a swollen gland.IMG_20150107_140759867

Washing windows.IMG_20150107_163244359_HDR

Jonas is now taking baths in the tub by himself.IMG_20150107_180914985

It was cold enough to wear my fancy coat.IMG_20150108_092910649

Pirates everywhere.IMG_20150108_144611382

Sitting up makes life much easier.IMG_20150109_135430783

Saturday morning planning.IMG_20150110_083545008

Someone forgot the double attachment.IMG_20150110_101008288

Picinic in a dressing room.IMG_20150110_121308394

He knows he looks good.IMG_20150111_091112

I love his drawings.IMG_20150111_085155075

Silas did not want to be in this picture and it looks like we are back to awkward smiling with Brooks.IMG_20150111_094219206See you next week!

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