Daily Moments – Week 1

Happy New Year! Here’s our week . . .

We went to a NYE party and it ended at 7. It was awesome. The boys ran around and exhausted themselves and we still got to hang out while the kids were in bed at midnight. This was the best picture of all us.

I made pear and applesauce for my little man.IMG_4207

I made the most incredible shrimp on New Year’s Day. Thanks Alton.IMG_4214

This guy is sitting up.


And so adorable.IMG_4247

Brooks and Silas got pezidents for Christmas.IMG_20141230_083733

He looks old in this picture – too old.IMG_20141230_135410421

The boys played with playdough one afternoon for a hour and a half.IMG_20141230_151009805

This is Brooks’ and Silas’ happy place – popping packing bubbles.IMG_20141230_152807484

And this is mine. And newly organized and labeled spice cabinet.IMG_20141231_081256769

A shot of kale juice before downing a stack of blueberry lemon pancakes. It canceled out the sugar in the pancakes, right?IMG_20141231_084250310

Brooks thought it would be funny to unroll a roll of toliet paper around the house.  Nope.IMG_20141231_094432381

Silas got a Richard Scarry airport game for Christmas. It has been a big hit with the boys.IMG_20141231_105128906

I put Mark on PB&J duty for a church potluck. His PB to J ratio was off.IMG_20150103_203303

Waiting is agony when it comes to pancakes.IMG_20150103_203749

Brooks bowled a strike on his first try.IMG_20150103_203830

My mustachioed men.

They have been playing with this ship nonstop.IMG_20150104_144850798See you next week!


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