Daily Moments – Week 51

We are back. This will be my last post of 2014! Crazy how fast that went. We just got back into town and this post would have been up last night but I had some technical difficulties. We were in Illinois for the Christmas holiday and sick most of the time. We made the most of the healthy moments though. Here’s our week . . .

Oranges for Captain America and a ninja on Christmas Morning.IMG_4006



This was the best picture of both of these guys.IMG_3990


Bowtie and boots.IMG_3915


I don’t know what these two were laughing about. Brooks and Silas adore their Gigi.IMG_4024

I love the awkwardness on his face.IMG_4034

Stork bite.IMG_4059

Christmas dinner. I go for the relishes.IMG_4080

Kids table. I don’t think they ate much. They were saving room for the candies.IMG_4094

Silas took these next few.





Yeah for pirate ships! He couldn’t wait to get this home.IMG_4188

E.R. visit.IMG_20141223_101311386

I was traveling with a pharmacy.IMG_20141223_123948231

Finally at peace.IMG_20141226_154845880

Wide awake at 11pm.IMG_20141227_232404727

Christmas reading.IMG_20141228_215924

The closest we got to snow. IMG_20141228_221921

Lincoln’s home in Springfield.IMG_20141228_222004

I caught him leaning on my shoulder.IMG_20141228_155249770_HDRMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2015!


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