Daily Moments – Week 50

Here’s our week . . .

The boys were in a Christmas program at church. They both surprised me by how much they sang and knew what they were supposed to do.

I am allowed to put my boys in bonnets until they are a year.

We got some early Christmas presents this week. This is one of my favorites – Little Passports.IMG_3812

These few were taken by Silas.IMG_3813



Everything in the fridge meal. This was our last meal before leaving town.IMG_3825

He stood in this one spot for at least 10 minutes. They were really excited to watch the Curious George Holiday Special.IMG_3831

Brooks made a gingerbread house.

Silas was sick in this picture. We let him decorate the house and then we threw it away.IMG_3884

Brooks got a chance to dig in the dirt with my parents neighbor’s excavator.IMG_3889

Preparing Christmas gifts for teachers. IMG_20141215_122850549

I love his art. Brooks is getting more detailed. I love the bird.

Savoring my Christmas present – it was raspberry hibiscus. IMG_20141216_111835331_HDR

Sometimes dinner looks like this. It was the boys favorite meal of the week.IMG_20141216_162708760

The back.IMG_20141217_084624723

And the front.IMG_20141217_084631460

Brooks’ version of the Nativity. The legos are sheep and camels.IMG_20141217_142353755

Crazy happy baby.IMG_20141218_163925

I love his profile.IMG_20141218_214918

Christmas cookie decorating.IMG_20141218_115535529

This got sent home – haha!IMG_20141218_140239314

Packing. I think I like navy.IMG_20141218_164908189

Metropolis, IL.IMG_20141219_140403

My backseat buddy.IMG_20141219_141049621

How appropriate.IMG_20141219_152312073_HDR

Day after the confirmation he has the flu. Tamiflu is awesome!IMG_20141221_161920 (1)Hope you are well! And we will see you back after Christmas.


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