Daily Moments – Week 49

We are preparing for the holidays and I am trying to not have a panic attack. So much to do.

Here’s our week . . .

Brooks is making chocolates again.

This is guy is really starting to get around.

This was my favorite meal this week.IMG_3781

This was my second favorite. (Lighting is so hard during the winter.)IMG_3787

This day they just couldn’t make it.IMG_20141207_164025077


Bass Pro knows how to do a free Winter Wonderland.IMG_20141212_132901494_HDR


They love the shark.IMG_20141212_141703093

He is so smiley.IMG_20141213_180254358

I got a Christmas present.IMG_20141214_142146

On this morning, we wanted a little bit of everything.IMG_20141214_142237

Not a great pic because of the morning light, but this guy licked the cinnamon roll can clean.IMG_20141214_142334

Its marshmallow time. I made 4 trays this year. IMG_20141214_142512

Mum Mums have been keeping my littles busy for 5 years.IMG_20141214_142633

One afternoon, Silas hit delirium and was making noises while sticking out his tongue laying on the floor.IMG_20141214_142707

This is how he wakes up from nap.IMG_20141214_142805

Everything gets turned into a weapon.IMG_20141214_142913

Snowflakes.IMG_20141214_143011See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 49

  1. Those marshmellows look great!! Silas is looking soooooooo old!! Jonas has a smile that melts my heart! Brooks makes me laugh everytime I see him!! So creative with his chocolate chips!! Can’t wait to see you. Love Mom

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