Daily Moments – Week 48

Today I am sick in bed. I’m trying to see the silver lining in being limited to bed and close distance to the bathroom. I guess I will get a head start on that baby weight before the holidays. I can hear chaos downstairs as Mark tries to manage the laundry, kids, and meals. Thanks Babe! Anyway, I hope this post is coming to you as you are preparing for the holidays (in a peaceful and happy state). Here’s our week. . .

Brooks made a snowy mountain scene that he saw in a book. His creations always surprise me.IMG_3754

Brooks and Silas made friends with a catapillar they named “Gabriel.”IMG_3758

I was so excited to take a picture of this pie. It means I am trying butter again. Unfortunately, 4 hours later I was sick and now I don’t care to ever see a pecan pie again.IMG_3764

My lunch the next day – tea, water, gatorade, applesauce and crackers.IMG_3765

Pants are optional in our house.IMG_20141201_183848280

We decided to not do a Christmas Tree this year since we are traveling, but then I realized how disappointed Brooks is going to be (he LOVES Christmas) when he hears there will be no Christmas Tree. So we got down the fake one we bought our first year of marriage and decorated it with our favorite ornaments.IMG_20141201_190829369

Can you tell what this is? Its the nativity.

An afternoon with Silas.IMG_20141203_153008

I asked Silas to get some toys and play with Jonas. He got ALL the toys.IMG_20141203_134804457

Brooks tried to get Jonas dressed. After 10 minutes, Jonas was laughing and Brooks was mad.IMG_20141204_140445810

We let the kids stay up late to watch Peter Pan.IMG_20141204_201604569

We are into space travel and fighting fires again.IMG_20141205_094334435

Experiencing pop rocks for the first time.IMG_20141205_181256749

This was a massive sweet potato. It made enough fries for all of us.IMG_20141206_234923

Cookie exchange.IMG_20141206_235033

Poor Jonas. He can never escape his brothers.IMG_20141206_235308

Mark found Silas one morning under the table with snack bars and a knife. At least, he intended to share with his brother.IMG_20141206_073225347

Beet hands. We got a load of them in our co-op box this week.IMG_20141206_132329689

Jonas eating his greens.IMG_20141206_150858372

Tree lighting. IMG_20141206_171247894_HDRSee you next week!


8 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 48

  1. Where did Brooks get those trees!! That is something else. You made the Holidays seem so much fun for the boys!! cAN’T wait to see you guys soon!!

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