Daily Moments – Week 47

So we are back from vacation. I did fell rested and then I woke up this morning to December and got panicked because of my to-do list. I am finally sitting down to post some pics of our past week. Here’s our week. . .

I made muffins with fresh cranberries.

We went to North Carolina to visit family. IMG_3537

There were cousins and of course plenty of time with Mimi.IMG_3540

Brooks’ eyes lit up when he was handed a turkey leg because it looked like the one on Brave. We had to tell him its not okay to bang it on the table to get our attention.IMG_3550

These two are one day apart.IMG_3563


We attempted some more Christmas shots. I think we finally have a few.IMG_3623

Waiting for the Polar Express. Silas was nervous and Brooks was skeptical, but I think he was finally convienced.IMG_3644




That is Santa’s sled in the background.

Babies. Some friends from Mama Art Collective.IMG_20141124_201427

Excited to go to Grandma’s.IMG_20141125_165109300

The fire truck is always a hit.IMG_20141126_161819068


Peeking at the Polar Express.IMG_20141128_155544799

Jonas has discovered newspaper.IMG_20141129_151518170

The sky on our drive home.IMG_20141130_175913186

Date Nite.IMG_20141201_093953

I bet you can guess why these are in the garage.IMG_20141201_094420


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you next week!

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