Daily Moments – Week 45

Here’s our week . . .

Sweet feet. I love to watch him sleep.

Its a little creepy that I take pictures and watch him snooze, but he look so peaceful. The problem is the 5 year old comes into the nursery telling you about the crazy space ship he just made and then you hear the 3 year old crying because the 5 year old took blocks from the 3 year old’s train station to make his space ship and then the baby is awake.IMG_2848

Silas surprised me one day and set the table all by himself. I now know he needs more chores and responsibilities.IMG_2856

Fun lunches. IMG_20141111_082837512_HDR

All four.IMG_20141111_083259978

He doesn’t like his medicine.IMG_20141112_072145710

Go Fish! in the morning.IMG_20141112_085148357

A goofball that needs a haircut.IMG_20141112_140806150_HDR

Peter Pan and Captain Hook on a pirate ship.IMG_20141112_161148082

Fun with pipe cleaners.IMG_20141112_162452082

Yay! I hiked up Stone Mountain with an adorable baby on my chest. The two boys did most of it by themselves.IMG_20141115_191258

Our whole crew.IMG_20141115_191405

Mark took down a tree by himself this week – I don’t think he will ever do it again.IMG_20141115_214327

This is what the start of most my meals look like during the fall.IMG_20141115_214410

It was warm one day so we went to the playground instead of doing quiet time.IMG_20141115_214730

I made a cake this week. IMG_20141115_215049

I love navy stripes.IMG_20141115_175345364

Jonas is trying new foods. He is still not sure of this whole eating business.IMG_20141116_143904See you next week!

One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 45

  1. That Jonas looks beautiful in anything!!!Wow!! Those boys still love to dress up—they crack me up- I love the pic of all 4 boys-of course, Brooks has his hand on Jonas’s head!!!

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