Daily Moments – Week 44

Here’s our week. . .
Discussing important track changes.IMG_2716

Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts ala Ina.IMG_2787

We are doing simple math with fruit.IMG_2790

Silas begging for food. He snubbed his nose at dinner and said he wasn’t hungry. We started cleaning up and decided he was hungry.IMG_2797

Then he found out we already cleaned up and stood and cried for about 10 minutes. It was pathetic, so we gave him an apple.IMG_2813

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.IMG_2817

“Hey Silas, why is your nose bleeding?” Silas said, “nope.” I guess that means he is in denial.

We start them young.IMG_20141102_163500844


Star Wars is seeping into our house. This apparently is the space ship they live on. He got a book from the library.IMG_20141103_121032643

I’m in love with tuna again (with pickled onions!).IMG_20141103_123747466

We watched Curious George Boo Fest about 10 times this year. Here is his drawing depicting a scarecrow from the movie. Its kicking someone’s hat.IMG_20141103_133700526

Silas being a zombie. (That’s what he told me).IMG_20141103_151013456


Boys were out of town so I ate leftovers. They were delicious!IMG_20141107_123720381

Our first selfie.IMG_20141108_193619

My handsome men. Silas was really into the bowtie.IMG_20141109_101038

Fishing for the weekend.IMG_20141107_114340442

This reminded me of the Sound of Music. We’ve been listening to the soundtrack in the afternoons.

Yeah for rocks!IMG_20141107_150818123_HDR

At the top of Brasstown Bald – highest point in Georgia.

See you next weekend!

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