Daily Moments – Week 43

Here’s our week  . . .

The boys (mostly Brooks) discuss frequently how to make the best tracks.

I made our pot pie a little more exciting by including a triceratops.IMG_2767Halloween night. Poor little Jonas was back inside within 5 minutes of this picture. More on that later.IMG_2779

We had nice weather earlier this week. I think we are probably done with 85 degree days.


Mark was out of town this week so we occupied ourselves with Play-doh . . .IMG_20141028_145744456

And paint.IMG_20141028_155326758 I got to take the boys on a fun date this week. One of our stops was ice cream. Out of all the choices, Brooks chose berry and Silas to be different picked out a cookie.IMG_20141029_163433500

Brooks was telling Silas that he can’t eat too much of my ice cream since he chose a cookie.IMG_20141029_164131876

Ready for Halloween parties.IMG_20141030_092136999

Silas enjoying his party.

He has an apron on his head under his hat. He told me it would keep his ears warm while he fights fires. This kid.

They can do tricks. Silas Scissor-hands.IMG_20141031_153128580

Brooks can do tricks to with pencils.IMG_20141031_153139431

I love getting packages in the mail. I have been waiting for this one for several days.IMG_20141031_155459683_HDR

This little guy has had a tough few days. We found out on Thursday that he has RSV which has scared and worried me and taken up all my energy. There is nothing harder than seeing your baby sick and helpless and you can’t do much to help besides trying to keep them comfortable. IMG_20141101_192719

Let’s go fly a kite.IMG_20141101_130012649

All items needed to take care of the little one (not pictured the elephant shaped humidifier).

We at the most incredible cookies. They were gooey and buttery and slightly crisp on the edges.

See you next week!

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