Daily Moments – Week 42

Here’s our week . . .

Mark was gone most of the week so when he got home I was so excited and felt a surge of energy I made an apple cake at 9:30 pm. We ate it for breakfast the next morning.IMG_2722

I made peanut noodle ‘sundaes.’IMG_2726

We attended Reformation Day for our church. The boys LOVED it! They got to wear their Halloween costumes a week early.IMG_2734

Jonas, aka Smee, fell asleep as soon as we got there.IMG_2744

The boys participated in sack races.IMG_2752

And then the dads took their turn.IMG_2762

Silly boy. He looks so old.IMG_20141019_134159406

Katie was the surprise reader in Brooks’ class.

This is Silas at 11:00 pm. He was sleep walking.IMG_20141020_233744338

And this was him at 11:02.IMG_20141020_233805090

As mentioned above, Mark was out of town. Brooks was in my bed a few times during the week so this happened a lot. He sleeps with about 4 sleep friends.IMG_20141022_082012997

I could eat falafel everyday.IMG_20141022_123310840

A surprise card in the mail that turned into a hat.IMG_20141022_154256080

Little Jack O Lantern. The boys thought this onsie was really funny.IMG_20141022_175816383

Bath was in Mom & Dad’s room while Dad was gone. They thought the jets made the water look like a storm.IMG_20141022_183543583

Jonas was well taken care of by our sweet neighbor Libby. IMG_20141023_172203751

Can’t believe how much this kid looks like me.IMG_20141024_082205710

Double chin.IMG_20141024_160539984

Yeah for running pants! I haven’t worn these for a whole year.

This poor kid has two older brothers that like him a little too much. Silas was sliding underneath him and Brooks was dropping matchbox cars behind him trying to hit Silas.IMG_20141025_224828

I know I take a lot of pictures of this guy sleeping but I love seeing him look so peaceful. This was also the day I put up bumper pads because his hand kept getting stuck between the bars.IMG_20141025_225149

Right before the party. They were so excited.IMG_20141025_150022137


See you next week!

6 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 42

  1. So fun! Mike and I laughed out loud at sleep walking Silas and Abraham Lincoln “sleep friend.” 😀 Love the cute Peter Pan crew!

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