Daily Moments – Week 41

Here’s our week . . .

It was movie night. They only made it through 15 minutes of the movie. In all fairness, they have seen “Polar Express” about 30 times.

One morning we woke up freezing. It was 65 degrees in the house and the boys kept complaining that it was too cold so they put socks on their hands. We’ve basically turned into wusses since moving to the South.IMG_2593

One of the nice things about living here is your garden continues to produce well into the Fall.

A friend let me borrow one of her lenses and I happen to have one of the cutest models to practice on.IMG_2603








Silas still wishes he was a baby.IMG_2662


Saturday morning.IMG_2667


The boys are still into their “coffee” also known as herbal tea.IMG_2679

Afternoon wrestling.IMG_2682


Brooks took the camera.IMG_2698

My only fall decoration.IMG_2699

He thought he was hiding.IMG_2706

They can destroy a room real quick.IMG_2714


He looks so small.IMG_20141013_172229775

Brooks’ favorite meal. I think he liked the eggs. He had two helpings.IMG_20141013_175358983

He rarely naps more than 30 minutes in the mornings. This was a treat.IMG_20141014_162917

The boys went puddle jumping in a downpour.IMG_20141014_145251032

One loves Jello.IMG_20141016_174736518

And one loves ice cream.IMG_20141016_174744605

Brooks is becoming more wary of um . . . girls. Giggle, giggle.IMG_20141017_151844

I know he is 5 but he still sleeps like he did as a babe.IMG_20141017_151655759

Oh Silas.IMG_20141017_154036967

He is big enough to sit up in a stroller. And he is happy about it.IMG_20141017_165951182_HDR


See you next week!

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