Daily Moments – Week 40 (Brooks’ Fabulous Birthday Weekend)

We had a fun week as Brooks turned 5. I think he still wishes it was his birthday. Here’s our week . . .

This is a “shooter-ba-dooter.” That is exactly how he pronounces it. The funny thing is he is very serious about this toy and its name. I asked him to repeat it a couple times to make sure I heard him right.

Superhero juice.IMG_2502

This was the best salmon we’ve made so far – dill, brown sugar, lemon, and olive oil.IMG_2505

The birthday boy with a new present.IMG_2509

More presents – he got lots of books this year.IMG_2512

A new favorite – pumpkin pancakes.

He wanted pancakes.

Silas asked for fire on his pancakes but he settles for a nice Curious George in a firetruck.IMG_2522

Party time.IMG_2539

We launched rockets. It was a hit.IMG_2549

I think its safe to say everyone had a great time.IMG_2564

Such a happy baby.IMG_20141006_095928879_HDR

I love the color of his hair. Everyone needs a haircut.IMG_20141006_164413127

My boys.IMG_20141007_154958745

Some days I have to eat in the car at stop lights.IMG_20141008_125528832

We put up some fall decorations.IMG_20141008_141155314

We are now ready for space exploration.IMG_20141008_143403396

For Brooks’ birthday we went to Stone Mountain.We were pleasantly surprised.IMG_20141010_120451635


This picture basically explains everything you need to know about this kid – smiles constantly and always has his mouth wide open.IMG_20141012_075303


Brooks celebrates at school.IMG_20141012_075921

At the top. Brooks thought he was on the moon.IMG_20141012_162846


See you next week!

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