Daily Moments – Week 39

Here’s our week . . .

The boys did a puppet show for me this week. It was the story of Jonah.IMG_2405

Mark and I tried our hand at gravlax this week. We tried it tonight and Mark liked it better than the store bought stuff.IMG_2413

We had out of town guests this weekend. A friend from childhood and her family was passing through. The picture is overexposed but I thought its so sweet to see these two together. IMG_2417

All of our kids. I like Silas’ face (except Jonas of course).IMG_2421

This is the whole group. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about the sun when we took this.IMG_2425

We had bagels for all three meals one day.IMG_2427

It felt like Fall this weekend so we finally cleaned off the porch and got the pumpkins.IMG_2432

All three of my boys have worn this outfit. I love it.IMG_2461

He likes his feet.

He is also really drooly lately.IMG_2490

This meal was such a blessing. A friend dropped it off even when I told her no. She knew we needed it.IMG_20140929_171711891

A new meal but it will be a repeat – sweet potatoes, butter, brown sugar, pepper, and bacon.IMG_20140930_174028717

The boys.IMG_20141002_140326173 (1)

Little Pumpkin.

We made parachutes on a rainy day.IMG_20141003_104539454

Brooks made his own invites this year for his birthday.IMG_20141003_113026404

This was the pumpkin patch this year. We really wanted to go to a real patch but it just didn’t happen.IMG_20141003_155638181_HDR

Astronaut Brooks.IMG_20141004_165914692

Favorite breakfast – egg in a hole, avocado, and tomatoes.IMG_20141005_193145 (1)

This weekend I got to represent a group close to my heart. Its called MAMA and it has helped me be a Mom and create in the same space. I love this group. We were selling our art and handicrafts at the Decatur Maker Faire.IMG_20141005_144011081_HDRSee you next week!


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