Daily Moments – Week 38

This week was all about antibiotics. It started on Monday and we are still dealing with it today. Both Brooks and I were in Urgent Care this afternoon. Strep has been passed from child to parent along with, a sinus infection, and a round of hand foot and mouth. Despite all the frustration, we still had an okay week.

I made vegan breadsticks. I used a recipe for vegan parmesan that isn’t too bad.

Silas’ perspective.IMG_2335

Brooks finally completed his chore chart. He received a Dusty Crophopper plane.IMG_2338

Tuesday this guy went to bed at 5:30 without dinner and woke up at 9 starving. So he had a little snack.IMG_2339

This was also his first day of antibiotics for a strep throat.IMG_2341

Brooks brought home his class bear Duffy. I will be hot soaking it before it returns to the classroom.IMG_2346

Meatball assembly line.IMG_2352

We went “camping.” Really we went cabining with electricity and a T.V.IMG_2366

While we were in the wilderness, we entered the boys in a fishing tournament. Nothing was caught, but it was a lot of fun.IMG_2375




We ate smores! IMG_2397

I can’t believe how big this guys are. IMG_20140923_182206216

On a sickly afternoon we watched Tangled. I think I might have cried.IMG_20140924_141417131

The evening Silas woke up and was hungry. He couldn’t go back to sleep so I let him read with me.

It was sports day at school and we didn’t have any team related shirts so I taped an “I” for Illinois on Brooks.IMG_20140925_114456807

Heading out to our camping destination. We were a bit crowded but we made it all fit.IMG_20140926_105045078


Jonas really knows how to use his hands.IMG_20140928_104433

Even though I made a list, I still forgot a few items.

I love the light this time of day.IMG_20140928_104636

I couldn’t say enough nice words about this little guy.IMG_20140928_104737

These clouds looked really bizarre one evening.

IMG_20140928_104923See you next week!




One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 38

  1. Sorry to hear you and your boys have been sick! We missed you yesterday at church and Tues, too. I hope everybody feels better really soon and Jonas doesn’t catch anything! I am glad you still got to do your fun cabin-camping trip. 🙂

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