Daily Moments – Week 37

Here’s our week . . .

We are into pirates around here. This is hat Brooks made entirely by himself.IMG_2315


Silas made one too, but I helped.


I had a craving one evening for cookies so I made these. IMG_2317

Cinnamon Honey Pancakes. My first batch of pancakes since the baby. IMG_2331

Brothers photo shoot.IMG_20140915_085936


One afternoon Silas and I had a special date. Ice cream was included.IMG_20140916_160352612_HDR


We are really into swinging. Brooks can do it all by himself.IMG_20140917_130903254

Brooks and I had a date on another afternoon (Mimi and Papa were here for the week).


This was my craziest lunch of the week – olives, dolmas, pepperoncini, green beans, lettuce, naan, avocado, and vegan parmesan cheese.IMG_20140918_120345084


His hair is growing back and its still wavy.IMG_20140918_140441843


I made a sleep spray this week out of lavender and eucalyptus oils.IMG_20140919_145926


This was a surprise in our garden this year.


We had dinner out our town green this week and I had a snoball.IMG_20140919_192730780


There were a lot of pirates there. I think it was Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day.IMG_20140919_193509234


Hello beautiful.IMG_20140919_193541031


Once again, we had on pirate hats.IMG_20140920_230253


The boys have had fun finding rainbows in the nursery.IMG_20140920_230502


Another picture from our brother photo shoot. I tried to add it to the others put my computer wouldn’t let me.IMG_20140920_230745

We ended our weekend by going to a huge Japan Fest. Behind us is a display of sushi made out of balloon art.IMG_20140921_162844

Brooks is becoming more gentle with his brother. Thank goodness.IMG_20140921_085949186


See you next week!

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