Daily Moments – Week 33

Here’s our week . . .

This guy told me he was a pirate because he had a special leg. IMG_2090

A rocket and its launch pad.IMG_2105

A bowl of figs from my yard. They are so good.IMG_2111

These beauties were headed to the oven with a prosciutto coat.IMG_2121

Lots of pool parties.IMG_2122

Superhero juice for my little superhero.

We got a kimono from a friend of mine who purchased it in Japan. Silas loves it.IMG_20140818_081046409

Friends at MAMA.IMG_20140818_101522663

PB&J face.IMG_20140818_125019136

My favorite lunch of the week – avocado naan, dolmas, and olives.IMG_20140818_130906134


I didn’t have lettuce and I had lots of celery so I made a celery, apple, pecan salad. IMG_20140820_122141

Mark made several loaves of pumpkin bread.IMG_20140820_074210983

Brooks really wanted me to take this picture of his mouth.IMG_20140820_151523251

Run through before take-off. Silas was in charge of putting out the fire after the launch.IMG_20140821_082139267


Pilots for the morning.IMG_20140821_103450321

Can you spot Silas among the train craziness?IMG_20140821_103800545

Silas the builder.IMG_20140821_121909073

A fist full of hummus. He was trying to dip his carrot.IMG_20140821_160033777_HDR

I love this wrap.IMG_20140823_110958152_HDR

Jonas in his Pea Pod.IMG_20140824_111614



Silas wanted me to take a picture of his mouth.IMG_20140824_112432

Brooks loved this fire engine because he could move the wheels.IMG_20140824_113718

Sweet little baby legs.IMG_20140824_113840

Mark went to the store for milk and eggs and came back with Sorbet – so thoughtful.IMG_20140824_113918

Silas is the lump of quilts under the bed.IMG_20140824_113954


See you next week!

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