Daily Moments – Week 31 & 32

As you may have noticed, I didn’t do a post last week. We were traveling across the Midwest to visit friends and family and to attend a wedding. So I smashed together the past two weeks’ pictures which means there are 43 pictures for this week. Wow. Enjoy . . .

I have tried to capture and enjoy every precious moment with this guy.




Brooks can now make his bed all by himself. He is really proud.




Mark and Brooks took the train last week to D.C.IMG_20140817_140240

Unfortunately, it was 2 hours late and it didn’t arrive until 10:30. As evidenced in this picture.IMG_20140731_225147726

They got to do some site seeing while they were there. Hello Lincoln.IMG_20140801_153112245

After their weekend, I picked them up at the station and we headed north. IMG_20140816_231857

Hello Cutie. He did really well on the trip.IMG_20140808_213724

We love going back to Illinois. There are so many things for the boys to do.IMG_20140807_110350303

This was their favorite.                                     IMG_20140806_195101073

Shirts are optional in the country.              IMG_20140805_172624355IMG_20140805_090719850_HDR

Where is Jonas?                                                             IMG_20140726_170634274_HDRIMG_2086I

I was expecting to not get a lot of sleep on this trip, but this guy started to sleep through the night!IMG_2081IMG_2076

We met new cousins.              IMG_2034

And we got to meet a lot of Grandparents.IMG_2019

Silas was constantly at the table. He quickly learned he could get a lot of “tastes” if he stood there long enough.IMG_1997IMG_1993IMG_1988IMG_1977

I love eating at Grandma’s. Everything is from the garden.IMG_1969

While we were there, the boys needed a haircut. The woman who cut my hair growing up got to cut my boys hair. And Brooks loved it so much he fell asleep in the chair.IMG_20140816_231950IMG_20140816_232341

The boys also got some quality cousin time.IMG_20140816_232225

I wonder if Mark likes story-time as much as the boys do.IMG_20140808_211815939

After our stop in Illinois. We moved onto Kansas City for a wedding. Everyone was relieved to be out of the car.IMG_20140808_151745776

Can you spot Silas? The boys had a lot of fun in this hotel.IMG_20140809_150833068

Hey handsome! He knew he looked good.IMG_20140809_182317455

Two very seriously cute dudes.                    IMG_20140817_163255

Brooks laughed the entire time he walked down the aisle.IMG_20140809_183605232

And this is how we made it through the reception. IMG_20140809_204242553

After Kansas City, we drove back to Illinois and stopped at the Zoo.IMG_20140817_140832

When we got back we were all craving Sushi. Or maybe I was?IMG_20140811_175518677

A little morning board games. The boys love anything with Curious George.IMG_20140812_090845584

Silas was eating a chocolate covered banana and then it was just a banana.IMG_20140813_142532425

I have started to do science lessons in the afternoon. Brooks was really proud of his seasons chart.IMG_20140814_151147735

One day we built a Pirate ship. We still have it in our living room.IMG_20140815_163631630


I was so excited when I saw this at the store! It went home with me and was quickly turned into a dairy free Chocolate Mousse.IMG_20140815_185027598_HDR

He’s 2 months! When did that happen?IMG_20140816_233221

I was in the mood for yellows and greens this week.IMG_20140816_233318

See you next week!

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