Daily Moments – Week 30

Here’s our week. . . .

It was Dad’s turn.IMG_20140728_230802

Clean diapers. These were worth the small investment.IMG_20140728_182320683

I know this little guy is quickly becoming a not so little guy so I’ve been taking pictures of things I adore. The stiff leg.IMG_20140730_105551794

And the curled leg. This is what happens when I pick him up. I love it.IMG_20140730_105602490

Poor Jonas.



Vegan Nite. IMG_20140730_175316451


This is Brooks’ favorite part of his Highlights magazine.IMG_20140731_160416698

I might have eaten a whole pound of roasted green beans before they made it to the table. Whoops.IMG_20140731_173341595

A family portrait by Brooks.

At the car wash. Enjoyed by Mom and the boys.IMG_20140801_102526820

A cookie as big as his head.IMG_20140801_111623172

They adore each other.IMG_20140801_143444296

A friend of mine weaves – I am amazed.IMG_20140801_202808477

This is the start of a baby blanket.IMG_20140801_203204448

My little gardener.IMG_20140802_153910205

Our fig tree is going to have a lot this year. I hope we can get to them before the birds do.IMG_20140802_154946535_HDR

I never realized the inside of a fig looks so funky.

I hate this section of my yard. It actually scares me because its so overgrown. On this day, Silas and I were so tired.IMG_20140802_155400968

This is how Jonas chills outside thanks to our mosquito population in our backyard.IMG_20140802_155500822

A much needed margarita.

Sweet foot.IMG_20140803_222623

After dinner soccer.IMG_20140803_222744

Smiley boy.IMG_20140803_091658479

Silas has figured out how to buckle his belt. He is very proud of himself.IMG_20140803_094504469


See you next week!

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