Daily Moments – Week 25

Last week, we still had family and I was still recovering. So not many pictures.

Here’s our week. . . IMG_1733

The boys had fun washing their truck. At one point, Brooks rushed up to me to say he and Silas were working together and not fighting. IMG_1740

Mother’s Day present 2012IMG_20140623_125643570

One of my favorite dishes of summer – hot rice, cold tomato, olive oil, and salt.IMG_20140625_172233542

I made zucchini fritters. It was a good year for squash.IMG_20140626_145649044

Silas likes to play for little guy.IMG_20140626_191643867 (1)

I love his hair. It gets a bit crazy after bath.IMG_20140627_091803

First day as full time mom. IMG_20140627_121439067_HDR

The AC in my vehicle died this week. We learned that all three can fit across the backseat of a Buick.IMG_20140628_141556040_HDR

Pool time.IMG_20140628_182434662

We are watching the World Cup and it has gotten the boys excited about soccer. They had gotten out of the pool, had snack, and then decided to play in the backyard. Who needs clothes when you have shin guards?IMG_20140629_151745This means summer – water gun and “slippers.”

See you next week!


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