Daily Moments – Week 24 (Silas is 3)

Here’s our week . . .

My sweet blond-headed (I mention his blondness often because I am so shocked that he has blonde hair) Silas turned 3 yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to fully think through this milestone because I have been a bit distracted this week. But now that I am writing this post, it makes me sad to think of him as a big boy. Like most Moms we want them to grow up and become independent, but at the same time we still want them to need us. This is going too fast.

My dear Silly Silas. You are a cuddly, loving, physical, and a friendly little guy. You are so special, so full of joy. You want everyone to laugh with you and have a great time. You are one tough cookie. Sometimes you get knocked around by the older kids but you always get back up and find your way back to the game even if you end up being the monster (which I know you hate). You are smart and kind. You love to sing and I love to hear your voice. We love you Silas.IMG_1726


So this is a cake Silas specifically picked out. He really wanted it to be pink and orange, but the closest they could do was write a message in those colors.

He had such a great time. I think his favorite part was seeing his friends walk through his front door to wish him happy birthday.IMG_20140615_220151816

Its amazing how some things are genetic.

Jonas got his first bath. Giving them their first bath always makes me nervous. IMG_20140617_091710

Homemade granola from a neighbor made my day.IMG_1677


I am jealous of my boys’ tans.

This week Mark had the boys. And when I say he had the boys he took care of them entirely. I was in bed. One day they went to Bass Pro and did some target practice.

IMG_20140619_125903854Another day they went blackberry picking. Not many made it home.


Brooks found frogs one morning while boating. This particular one made it into the car but Brooks lost it on the way home – awesome.

One afternoon they went to Sonic for strawberries shakes.

Have I mentioned that they LOVE their brother.IMG_20140618_123913833

Always looking for laughs.

He is really into this camera. He wanted to take a picture with me and the baby.

Brooks got an Lincoln bust from his Mimi. Its now siting on his bedside table in his room.IMG_20140622_083731418

Bright eyed Jonas. He is beginning to wake up.


Sweet boy.

See you next week!

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