Daily Moments – Week 17

Here’s our week . . .

I was so excited about these pancakes that I dreamed about them the night before.IMG_1172

Every morning . . .IMG_1176

Mom’s Day at school.IMG_20140430_131215725

And this is what Brooks thinks about me.IMG_20140430_134108126

I can not get enough of these. Pickled Onions.IMG_20140501_115942058

If this next baby turns out to have lactose problems, I know where I can get a good chocolate fix.

Brooks and I went to an Art Fair this weekend. He couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror. We are working on his smile.

I really want to be a plant lady. I try every year to get into to it but I get bored and my plants die. I hope this is my year.IMG_20140503_164914397_HDR

I went crazy at the library. I’ve been needing some new food inspiration.IMG_20140504_162149Can you guess what this is? No? Its a school, according to Brooks. The mailbox is the cafeteria.

Brooks did a puppet show for me.IMG_20140504_162538

Berries! They are so good right now.IMG_20140504_162657

Book Club! I was responsible for the main dish this week. I made the bread below with the Fennel Soup I made last week.

Silas got to hike with Mark this weekend.IMG_20140504_230409

And the boys got a chance to jump in (quickly, it is still a bit cold) to the pool today.IMG_20140504_230535


See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 17

  1. Looks like a great week! Can’t wait to hear about your recipe finds from that large stack of cookbooks!! PS and BTW, the fennel soup and bread were both divine! Thank you for sharing on your blog, I look forward to your posts!

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