Daily Moments – Week 16

Here’s what our week looked like . . .


Fennel and white bean soup. The topping put it over the edge. It was like spring in a bowl.IMG_1143

We had some outside dessert eating this week.IMG_1156

I love my yard this time of year.IMG_1160

We had a great illness in the house the last few weeks which was the cause and much chaos and me assuming I was headed for labor at least twice. This is only a small fraction of the laundry I did over a 3 week period. I think I totaled over 50 loads! IMG_1161

We moved contaminated furniture into one room . . .IMG_1162

And clean furniture into another.IMG_1164

Our park just redid their playground. We are all excited about this.IMG_20140421_174515609


I took our car to get cleaned this week. I love how they have a train table and Legos. The boys refused to leave when our car was finished an hour later.IMG_20140423_140231457

It was hot this week so we had lots of outdoor time. IMG_20140425_155919

We are also still eating lots of sweet carbs.IMG_20140425_102709726

8 months!IMG_20140426_201915

I’m into mint and plums right now.IMG_20140426_202101

We made a caterpillar out of a banana. Pinterest win.IMG_20140426_202213 (1)

This picture makes my boys look like they love each other and I guess they do. But I take shots like this to remind myself that sometimes they don’t fight or argue and say mean things like, “Silas I think you are not my friend because you look weird.”IMG_20140426_202353

He built a playground.
IMG_20140426_123901774See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 16

  1. Henry is constantly telling Abram what a “bad boy” he is. And Abram is kind of bad in a two-year-old way, but I wish Henry would leave the discipline to me!

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