Daily Moments – Week 15

I’m a little late. We’ve been out of town and things have just been crazy.

Enough excuses . . . here’s our week.

Family pictures are impossible.IMG_1052



The hunt begins.IMG_1126



Brooks got a new book on Lincoln. We read it regularly.IMG_20140414_145707072

The pollen has descended on us. Luckily we have also had rain.

On Tuesday, Mark and I got away for a few days to Denver and the only pictures I took were of doughnuts – figure that.IMG_20140415_135020252_HDR

Does that doughnut have Fruit Loops on it? Yep. Is the purple one crushed up Nerds? Yep. IMG_20140415_135031108_HDR

The night we got back our car broke down and this is what the rest of my evening looked like staring at a tow truck.IMG_20140418_201652158

We took off the next morning for Florida. We ate some Easter candy from school on the way.IMG_20140419_091459037

He can’t go out without his glasses.IMG_20140419_100643450

Looking from the outside in (to a doughnut shop on the road.)IMG_20140419_113813821

The beach was cold. IMG_20140420_170151


Brooks found an angel shell.IMG_20140420_170637


Did I mention it was cold?IMG_20140420_172049254 (1)

After all that Easter candy and ham we needed to juice.IMG_20140421_183700378See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 15

  1. Love the picture of your boys! So adorable! Looks like a great Easter week! Looking forward to seeing you at Bk Club next week! xoxo

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