Daily Moments – Week 14

Hello All!

Here’s our week . . .

I made shrimp and pork won tons for soup. Not hard, but it was definitely laborious.


The boys liked them and I loved them. The recipe makes enough for extras to freeze. I had enough filling after the dumplings to make 9 small meatballs. IMG_1032


The boys like robots. So Mark made a costume out of some old boxes.IMG_1042

Brooks took it to another level by standing on cars so he could roll around. He got the idea from Curious George.



Once a week I drive to the city to meet with other moms at an art co-op. This is my view. I often wonder if I’ll find someone else looking back at me from across the way.

Brooks was “reading” to Silas. Their hair flips on the same side.IMG_20140408_080933

They just couldn’t make it this day without a nap.IMG_20140410_155040


The boys like to drink tea. I think they like to dunk the tea bag and stir and stir without actually drinking.

I packed up the boys this weekend for their “boys only adventure”, according to Brooks. They were gone for almost 3 days. IMG_20140413_143730 (1)

What did I do? Get the nursery ready and some serious spring cleaning.IMG_20140411_105316506

Here they are with Dad.


I definitely enjoyed my weekend, but I missed them. Until they came home and an hour later I needed a break.IMG_20140413_084705515See you next week!


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