Daily Moments – Week 13

I have an embarrassing lack of pictures this week. I’ve been distracted and I also didn’t try any new recipes or felt that inspired. Here’s what I have  . . .

I’ve been obsessed with potatoes. IMG_1021

This is Day 6 of waking up to a T-Rex/Dragon. He’s really into character.IMG_1026

Hello 3rd trimester. I’ll be happy when its over.IMG_20140402_181259

Archery practice. This is also his favorite outfit – Abraham Lincoln shirt with striped pants and Chacos.IMG_20140403_222124

Blocks. Every morning.IMG_20140404_082901

Our one and possibly only asparagus of the year.

Brooks put blocks in his socks to keep his foot raised. He wanted to pretend he was walking on dinosaur claws. He is ‘sleeping’ here.

IMG_20140406_224749Hope you enjoy your weekend! See you next week.


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