Daily Moments – Week 12

Here’s our week . . .

I made burritos twice this week. I guess I had a craving.IMG_0949

Discussion on Silas’ drawing. I think they both decided that Silas “scribble scrabbles.” Brooks did tell me Silas is getting better with his coloring.IMG_0955

I made this delicious soup this week. I definitely suggest adding the fresh parsley, lemon, and olive oil.IMG_0962

I tried to take his picture but he was pouting. He had basically eaten a green marker.

Making rainbow pizza. Silas liked the purple potatoes (raw) and Brooks likes the tomatoes and peppers.IMG_0967

Silas also enjoys licking the flour off the cutting board.IMG_0970

I made onions rings. If you try this recipe, only use one large onion. I had a lot leftover with no batter to dip them in.IMG_0972

Blueberry popsicles.IMG_0982

He really likes his boots.IMG_0985

We have a winner. The buttermilk pancakes from this cookbook has now become our go to recipe.IMG_0987

On Friday, we invited a friend over to watch Frozen. We made snowmen out of ebelskivers, carrots, and pretzels.IMG_0994

Then we added ‘snow.’ The kids really liked this part.IMG_0997




We also ate ‘ice cubes’ (blue jello) and had vanilla milkshakes.

This is what my kitchen windows look like when I make pasta.IMG_1010


This morning I tried out a trick on making frothy milk without an espresso machine. It worked! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on rice milk so only Mark got to enjoy this trick.

Mark made more pumpkin bread. I think we only have 3 quarts left of pumpkin puree. IMG_1019

This lunch went over so well that Silas scolded me for not making enough lunch when I picked him up from school.

This is what my Friday night looked like (along with having a Frozen party in the living room).



I love these cheeks.


A new batch of pickled onions. If you have never made these, you really need to give it a try. IMG_20140330_162104See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 12

  1. Looks Ike another busy week full of fun activities and great food. Thank you for the recipe links, as usual I’m excited to give your taste tested recipes a try.

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