Daily Moments – Week 11

Hello friends and family!

Here’s our week . . .

On St.Patrick’s Day, we had fruit “sodas” (fruit with sparkling water), green yogurt and Irish Soda Bread. The boys LOVED it, especially the “soda.”

Then that night we had Corned Beef and Cabbage. This is one of my favorite meals of the year. I only have it once a year so its the only reason I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day. This year I cured the meat myself and forgot one of the most important ingredients – pink curing salt. This meant my brisket was brown instead of the traditional bright pink.IMG_0911

What every morning looks like.

Movie night – FROZEN! My boys are crazy about this movie (although, Silas still tells us his favorite is Polar Express).IMG_0917

It is so hard to get this guy to hold still for a picture. He was wearing a bow tie because his Gigi was in town.IMG_0919

Brooks’ pic of Silas.IMG_0921

Silas’ pic of Brooks.IMG_0925

Spring has sprung!IMG_0929

I made our favorite cake this week with the last of our summer fruit.IMG_0935

Brooks has really been focused on coloring lately. He is meticulous about his color choices and trying to stay in the lines. He told me he no longer “scribble scrabbles” like Silas.IMG_0936

Donuts with Daddy at school. Believe it or not this was the best picture out of the three I took.IMG_20140319_092850476

Supermen in their super capes. (And the big glass jar in the back is Mark’s current batch of pumpkin wine.)IMG_20140320_090253119

Korean BBQ – a new experience.IMG_20140321_203228

Cookies at the bakery. I am getting in as many carbs as possible.IMG_20140321_110015386

We stopped by the Train Museum this week.IMG_20140321_134001324

And meet some friends. This is one of our favorite stops.IMG_20140321_150014878_HDR

This was sent home this week from Brooks’ school.

Picnic lunch. The weather got a bit warmer this week. IMG_20140322_120556651

I made Lemon Chicken this week – so good and easy.  And on a side note, I found out Brooks likes to eat meyer lemons.IMG_20140323_193805

Sunday morning reading.IMG_20140323_091446343

I am amazed at their creativity. They turned an upside down car into a pirate ship.IMG_20140323_170145552See you next week!


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