Daily Moments – Week 10

Here’s our week . . .

The boys used some piggy bank money to get swords and boats. I was also tired of them using my chopsticks and forks to play Peter Pan.IMG_20140316_195455

My favorite breakfast (right after doughnuts).IMG_20140316_195329

At this point in my day, I know my day is almost finished.IMG_20140316_195231

We made rainbows out of fruit loops thanks to Pinterest.IMG_20140311_153858370

Brooks made St.Patrick’s Day decorations to hang up on the mirrors.IMG_20140311_153848088

Its a fact – challah makes the best french toast (and so does Ina).

Challah! Its lovely isn’t it?IMG_0902

I bought a used chair for $15 for the nursery. I just have to wait now for it to be recovered. The boys were excited.

I made Ramen thanks to this recipe. If you make it for kids, leave out the spice and cut up the mushrooms.IMG_0895

Now that my veggie aversion is gone I’m loving salads again.IMG_0891

The boys like a local restaurant that serves salad and soup so I though maybe they would eat veggies at home if I made our own salad bar. It worked and I will now put this in our regular rotation.IMG_0889

Mark made pumpkin bread from pumpkins he pureed from Halloween. It was pretty good.IMG_0885

That was our week. See you next time!

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