Daily Moments – Week 9

Here’s our week. . . .

I made cold brewed iced coffee with cinnamon and brown sugar. The baby was so excited it did back flips the whole morning – maybe it was the caffeine?


Watching while I got ready one morning.IMG_0858

I pulled out my Great-Grandma Hubler’s recipe this week for dumplings.IMG_0867

We’ve been working with chopsticks.IMG_0868

He’s not doing too bad. Silas on the other hand needs a lot of help.IMG_0874

Its rare that I catch him smiling or enjoying the camera.

Corncakes with blueberries.IMG_0876

The making of the corn cakes. He was distracted by the t.v.
IMG_20140307_080954517Asparagus and potato flatbread with goat cheese and gouda.



Another project done.IMG_20140303_115526

I took a cooking class this week with a friend. It focused on knife skills. My favorite part was eating afterwards.

I finally got around to making the Kool-Aid Brooks got for Valentine’s Day. Silas was really excited!IMG_20140309_075903

Someone has been doing a lot of writing.IMG_20140309_075944

The nursery is getting a new look thanks to these guys.IMG_20140309_080031

And last, I had to include this picture. Brooks chose this book for his nap time read. He really likes Lincoln.IMG_20140309_080135See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 9

  1. Love the pictures of the boys hanging out together w their dad in the babies room-can’t wait for our little one to come in June

  2. Looks like a fun week with a lot of good eats! What an adorable picture of the boys helping daddy in the nursery! OMG, sweetness!

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